Are you taking the elevator with your dog? Keep your pet on a short leash in and around the elevator.

  • Ideally use a short, non-extendable leash.
    This will prevent your dog from leaving the elevator again if you take your eyes off it for a moment. If the leash is too long, an unsafe situation may arise: elevator doors may not react to the presence of just a leash.
  • Limit how much your leash can extend.
    Do you have an extendable or flexible leash? Limit how much it can extend by pressing the button as soon as you approach the elevator.

  • Keep an eye on your dog!
    Do not take your eyes off your dog while waiting for the elevator and while stepping in and out. Your dog could escape while you are talking to other elevator users.

What to do in case of danger?
What if you are standing in front of an elevator and you notice that a dog and owner are separated from each other by the elevator doors?

  • Try to loosen the leash.
    Only do this is you are sure of your own safety.

  • Think of your own safety.
    If the elevator goes up, the leash may unlock the elevator doors to the shaft. Avoid falling into the shaft and keep back.