Are you a parent using the lift with your children? Keep a special eye on the youngest ones. What you can pay attention to:

  1. Keep hands away from the lift doors.
    Children like to look through glass doors and will put their hands on the glass. But their hands may be caught when the doors open. Resulting in them being trapped. Steel doors draw less attention from children, but here too, children should not put their hands on the doors. This is shown in this video.
  2. Be careful with closing lift doors.
    Prevent your children putting their hand between the lift doors to hold them open. Because not all doors have sensors that make sure the doors open again. Make sure that your child is not standing between the doors when they are closing. That can be dangerous.
  3. Do not let your children jump in the lift.
    Jumping in the lift can lead to a malfunction and entrapment.
  4. Trapped in the lift – how to prepare your child.
    Entrapment in a lift can be a traumatic experience for children, especially if they are in the lift alone. Prepare your children for a possible malfunction and/or entrapment. This prevents panic. What should you do if you are trapped in the lift?
    • Activate the alarm with the alarm button or telephone.
    • Do not try to get yourself out.
    • Wait for professional help. There is a grave danger of falling into the lift shaft.